Football Lads Alliance – Birmingham 24/03/18.


A reply to the far left and why the Football Lads Alliance is necessary.


“Could the FLA develop into a fully-fledged fascist movement?

James Harvey – Weekly Worker”


Dear James

I recently read your article which appeared in “Weekly Worker” the Socialist magazine about the Football Lads Alliance (FLA)  – I would like to exercise a right of reply from my own blog, I had emailed you directly to permit a response but unsurprisingly, you failed to publish this in on your website –  despite a request for you to avoid acting censorial towards anything that contradicts your blatant mischaracterization and misrepresentations of individuals and groups.

I also write this, fully appreciative of the political orientation and Marxist intent behind your organisation; When new groups such as the FLA emerge from nowhere in such vast numbers, the speed and acceleration might well catch people off guard, triggering curiosity, fascination and a little uncertainty.

Inevitably, heads will turn, not only the media and wider public but invested political factions, in particular, those on the far left, those who willfully seek to cultivate and manufacture new adversaries, to help advance the Marxist political agenda  – to foster and nurture a strawman adversary, to justify the inward investment from “concerned parties”.


The reporting to date by the majority of media companies on FLA marches, with one or two notable exceptions, has been largely absent, negative or outright false. Much of your own musings contains ludicrously fallacious equivocations to a dangerous part of our history that takes some fairly acrobatic mental effort to entwine with the FLA.

This is not going to be a new chapter in parallel version Christopher Brownings “Ordinary Men”.

Unfortunately, and somewhat predictably, the far left has already attempted to poorly describe and define the FLA, through the distorted lens and ignorant judgement, no fact checking here please, let’s just make up our own.

Hysterical socialists and others of your ilk, regurgitate the race card narrative at every opportunity, under the premise that the FLA should be caricatured and smeared as a “far-right” organisation whilst providing scant evidence to justify disingenuously and almost always, misrepresentative,  lies and deceit.

Unfortunately and rather tediously, the FLA has to perpetually indulge this nonsense, needlessly countering  ridiculously baseless claims which are presented as “factual” by organisations such as “Stand Up To Racism” (SUTR) “Hope not Hate” and other communist offshoot organisations that seek to mould anything not of themselves as adversarial, an imagined enemy, so they can smugly justify their bigotry and paradoxical racism whilst keep those lucrative revenue streams flowing.

Tell kids ghost stories and they’ll grow up believing in ghosts.

The irony is that SUTR/Hope Not Hate are quite possibly two of the most dishonest organisations that exist in the UK, with their loathing of anything that doesn’t subscribe the Marxist playbook. Their contemptuous virtue signalling and maliciousness character assassinations they flood social media with are simply astonishing. The attempted “doxxing” and smearing campaigns almost always contain scant evidence or anything resembling “facts” to support the claims they make.

Why do the charities commission, government and media agencies facilitate and actively resource such disingenuous and divisive activity?

Throughout its infancy, the FLA has gone to great lengths to separate itself publicly from any provocative “extremist” groups such as BNP, EDL and Britain First.  Hateful and tired, old xenophobic and racist bile is not recognised nor welcome in any way by the FLA, the FLA reject such divisive ideology. Many of their most active members and affiliates are from a plethora of ethnic backgrounds. As with any large social media group, it’s almost impossible to vet every single member.

The irony is that far left groups are constantly using the “not all Muslims” mantra yet if one member of the FLA make a derogatory remark that group administrators have missed, the far left label the entire group as racists, what a damning contradictory position to take.

If you examine the last two major FLA marches you’ll see many colours, religions and creeds walking together, however, the far left only see what they want to see, then report on what they want you to see  – writing with snide, bigoted remarks around the FLA’s lack of intelligence, academic ability, intellect and education standards, this is disgusting and shameful behaviour. The majority of the FLA demographic come from the harshest of backgrounds, from the roughest estates, they never had the chance, unlike the middle-class graduates exposed to the Marxist leanings of academia, they were, fortunately, never exposed to such leftfield bias.

To offer some further insight into how strongly the FLA feel about race and Muslims in particular, I’ll share this statement I pulled from their Facebook group – it’s from  “Rules for the FLA”  – which now collectively has over 100,000 members across social media.

Once you read it, please, feel free to highlight the racism.

The FLA accepts no form of racism, xenophobia, homophobia or indeed any form of bigotry.

All race, religion (and none) class, gender and social creed are welcome here and are indeed, encouraged to join us.

The FLA, for the moment, is non-politic, however, we have a common denominator, which is to peacefully challenge the dangerous threat manifesting inside the United Kingdom – Islamism.

The FLA will stand up to extremism in ALL forms wherever it presents itself. The FLA will exercise the right to free speech, which we belive is also under threat. We will stand against tyrannical ideology that exists across any discourse, particularly when it is an existential threat to our way of life, values and culture.

One more important point you need to understand.

Not all Muslims are Islamist, nor are they extremists, no one religion suffers more because of Fundamentalist Islam than other Muslims. It’s important you accept that, if you cannot then the FLA is not the place for you”.

Thanks – FLA admin

The organisation has made it quite clear on all social media platforms that racism, xenophobia, homophobia and bigotry are unwelcome. Several extreme right-wingers have already attempted to hijack the movement and have subsequently been ejected/banned from all FLA social media and activities, they are not, and never will be, welcome at the FLA. They are overwhelmingly rejected by the group.

Worryingly, administrators of the FLA have also reported fake accounts being created with the sole purpose of dumping racists remarks across their group pages in an attempt to frame them – the FLA suspect this mischievous activity to originate from would be detractors on the hard left, to manufacture and report lies about the FLA, so they can project a negative image and spread false information on members that don’t actually exist. I don’t even know where or how to begin with this kind of behaviour, it’s truly hideous.

As I have such an inquisitive nature with all things political, I have taken the time to find out for myself what the FLA represent (which is what everyone should strive to do) only to find it is far removed from the sensationalism and deceptive reports spewing out of certain leftist media platforms.

Clearly, the FLA cannot control who appears at their marches, although the FLA will repudiate unpalatable, high profile political characters, they will not and simply cannot deny freedom of speech or freedom of assembly to anyone, even if they disagree with what is being espoused.

They cannot and will not be held guilty by association. Especially the relative dynamic Hope Not Hate embrace (I know a guy who heard this guy, who spoke to the woman, who attended this event = RACIST!)

It’s also worth noting that there hasn’t been a single arrest at any of their four key events, irrespective of the goading and baiting by SUTR.  All marches have been good-natured and highly praised by the Metropolitan Police. Considering these are groups of men who have been confronting each other at football matches for over 40 years. As they believe that the scourge of Islamism is not being held to account by the very people elected to defend them, the fight against Islamism has bound them together. At the Vets march in Newcastle, Hope Not Hate took social media to announce that local Muslim women were “spat on” the UK Veterans march, the Veterans contested the accusation, no complaint was made on the day by anyone, this was confirmed by the Police checking over CCTV and after a local media investigation they found not one shred of evidence, no victim. Hope Not Hate had simply made the whole thing up and left the story open for days, despite repeated requests to take the story down. This ladies and Gentlemen are typical of these organisations, what they don’t know, they make up. They do this because they need to mould you as something subversive, they seed concern where none exists. Just to ensure the funding keeps rolling in, to maintain the illusion that the UK has a dangerous “far right”. The reality is they only exist in the warped minds of the far left.



Why this incredible change in the dynamic of this subculture? This massive mobilisation of the politically inert working class is indicative of the seriousness and scale of the Islamist problem in the UK – one we must all confront. A grassroots movement like the FLA would have been unimaginable years ago,  inconceivable to many, especially the Police, who I’m sure are bewildered and sorely missing their Saturday overtime!

The reported “attacks on political correctness” by the FLA –  as often (and only) reported by socialists – are perfectly legitimate “attacks” given the wide narrative of false reporting and misleading information being pushed out by the left and in particular, prominent figures of Jeremy Corbyn’s neo-Marxist Labour party. Sometimes the victimhood narrative becomes tiresome, the identity politics confusing and cultural relativism just, boring to read and hear.

aamages (3)

50,000 FLA marching in London 2017

These far left organisations masquerading as champions of public virtue, seek to close the free speech environment, to make sure that open, honest and even factual dialogue or reporting on Islamism and its inextricable link to terrorism, remains absent from the public discourse.

Now that the far left has made the subject of Islamism toxic, ordinary everyday people are terrified to speak about it in any way for fear of collective bullying or being singled out by far-left groups with deep media connections. ( see “searchlight/Labour proxy”) They develop disgusting smear and shame campaigns which they execute relentlessly, they relish their attempts to discredit and shut down anyone who isn’t an identikit automaton in their pursuit of subjective cultural relativism and victimhood. Remember Black Mirror’s “Hated in the Nation”? It’s becoming frighteningly accurate.

In the Weekly Worker article, James completely fails to mention the why the FLA came to exist. It makes no mention of it because people like Harvey and his cronies at SUTR can’t face the problem, they won’t name the problem due to ideological paralysis caused by asymmetrical desire towards their socialist utopia, Muslim’s fail to see that the same group will turn on them when the time is right, know your history. Right now though they share the same ideological DNA with people who love to Indiscriminately murder innocents across London and Manchester, a subversive, hideous and poisonous ideology that’s eating away inside Islam, that appears on the mass media newsfeeds every single day in life across the globe, relentlessly wreaking havoc through its ideological manifestation of perpetual violence and hatred. When was the last time you watched the news and Islam wasn’t part of the story?

Islamism and its relationship with the hard left in the UK are like necrosis of the flesh, it consumes each organ piece by piece until the entire vessel is ultimately digested and rendered inert.

The far left has developed a curious symbiosis with terrorism. Which really should be no surprise given Jeremy Corbyn’s past relationship with terrorist organisations.

The far left has wholly embraced Islamic cultural utility and Muslim victimhood and it entwined into its hideous game of identity politics, pushing an agenda that attempts to close down dialogue that doesn’t advance their own Marxist pursuits. The left claim to represent the identity of working class, bastions of the underdog, the downtrodden, but we all know that’s simply not true. “Working class” only seems to fit on the agenda of the left when it’s “the right kind” of working class. Actual, real concerns such as immigration expressed by this group are casually dismissed as racist or xenophobic on a whim,  even real-world evidence-based data on the impact of uncontrolled mass migration, which is a legitimate concern, tend to be ignored, overlooked and in many cases, censored.

Any attempt by working classes to raise the issue of migration and how it may play a part in importing extremism will leave them caricatured and cartooned by the left as thuggish, too stupid, inarticulate, uneducated, not part of the intellectual or academic elite, perpetually ignored, opinions discarded, thrown on the scrapheap to bear no relevance or significance. Opinions that are belittled through a bigotry of low expectation.”

Shut up, dear troglodytes,” they sneer at you. Troglodytes who are perceived to sit at the bottom of this social demographic, struggling to articulate the right words, to express themselves with precision.

For once, I encourage the far left to actually reflect and consider why some people shout slogans such as “we want our country back”?  Can’t you hear it? It’s a fucking plea, they’re trying to let you know they’ve been forgotten, they’re shouting “what about me?”  they feel like they’ve been left behind far too often. Just try to view the world through their lens, consider for once if the triggers are actually legitimate. If you peel back the layers, you’ll find the same poverty, the same despair, some just don’t want to acknowledge it and where they do, they seek to oppress or extinguish it.

A working class that feel like they’ve been left behind by progressives, alienated by a political elite who have no use for them anymore, the communities they grew up in have become unrecognisable ghettos, they walk out of the front door and feel like strangers in a strange land. They feel like they are being erased.

There now exists an ugly disconnect between communities, all communities, communities that once spoke to each other – they’ve become completely fractured and fragmented. Successive governments have spectacularly implemented failed multicultural policies (by their own admission) that have led to massive integration failures that foster nothing more than ever growing suspicion and resentment, the loss of traditional social structures, identity and belonging is disappearing into a bitter, nihilistic void. What remains is anger, anger at never being asked.

Since the 60’s, when the French Marxist philosophers realised they weren’t going to get their way (because of Capitalism and its habit of lowering absolute poverty) the left started to embrace and engage in the identity game. Why this is a problem for members of the FLA is that it’s just not your identity they want.  You see, to the Marxist mind, each identity has value and worth and yours isn’t worth much to them, there is no social or political mileage they can attribute to it, you’re too white, too privileged.  Remember only white people can be racist!

The far left will continue to manufacture and exploit enemies across subgroup categories, to enhance their own smug virtue signalling and political agenda, all the while, encouraging suspicion, disharmony and dislike between social groups – making themselves look “the good guys” at your expense whilst seeking the next most marginalised group to hijack. You see their endgame is to create chaos then offer the solution.

So, to get back to the question in your article – “Is it really a precursor to a new variant of far-right street politics and even a mass fascist movement? – The answer is fairly absolute – no, it’s not and to think otherwise be is puerile idiocy.

There isn’t, nor will there ever be a re-emergence of fascism in the UK as claimed. If there is, be certain the FLA will stand alongside every other sane human in rejecting it.  To suggest or even infer the FLA could be part of such destructive ideology would be comical if it wasn’t so offensive to the ordinary men, women, children and war veterans of all races that have participated in their marches. It is Islamofascism the FLA are standing up to. It was their fathers who fought the tyranny of “old fascism” – do you realise how demeaning this accusation is to them?

There is too much hysteria and mischief at play.  It’s a pointless interventional knee-jerk to a street movement that the far left simply don’t understand or don’t want to.  It’s time to stop the ridiculously unfounded accusations and adversarial dynamic. Judge the FLA by what they do, not on what you claim they intend to do or how you wish to define them. By refusing to do so, you are willfully creating and encouraging conflict when in all seriousness,  none is necessary.

The FLA is nothing more than a working-class, grassroots movement, driven by an anti-extremism agenda, a desire is to see Islamism (not Islam) eliminated as a constant threat to UK national security is in everyone’s interest.

The FLA was formed by a collective of concerned football fans after the Manchester bombing, fans who have put aside their tribal differences to collaborate and act as a UK pressure group against Islamic extremism, to draw attention at what they believe is a government with no actual substance to a working domestic policy when it comes to contending with one of the evilest ideologies to emerge inside the UK and wider Europe since the second world war.

Finally, the government’s policy “Operation constrain” confirmes that this government has miscalculated the wishes of the people, this policy was the final nail in the coffin of public tolerance on Islamism.

Offering council homes a bribe to returning Jihads who wish nothing more than the destruction of our civilisation is insanely insulting to the citizens of this country, especially when we have 7000 ex-servicemen sleeping on the streets across the UK, and tens of thousands of homeless children. This isn’t progressivism, this is the complete abandonment of reason, of the rule of law, of common sense and UK citizens. You are not sheltering us from violence, you’re sheltering the would-be mass murderers. You are prioritising those who don’t even recognise our right to live.

The Weekly Worker article goes on to state in its final paragraph Movements like the FLA show that wide sections of society are alienated from bourgeois politics and that they will attempt to find different outlets and forms to express that discontent”

Though your overall concerns around the FLA are baseless, this sentiment is fairly accurate. The FLA is not a “fly by night” populist movement, they are a necessary organisation that offers representation to people who feel there is none, a voice of reason and an outlet for those who have been ignored by the left/right elite for far too long.

The FLA is still very much in its infancy, it will continue to grow, organising itself through legal, peaceful means. They have over 120,00 on Facebook, each club with its affiliations, growing exponentially.

The Football Lads Alliance intend to have their say on the future of their country. They will have a voice that means to be heard, the numbers are far too massive to ignore.  What they become, what they look like going forward, who knows – but one thing is for sure, whilst there have been small teething problems and some trivial internal differences, the Football Lads Alliance, in whatever manifestation it goes on to take, is certainly here for the long term and in this current climate, will only go from strength to strength.

The next march on the 24th of March 2018 in Birmingham will be the biggest yet.


DFLA admin.


Stop pretending lads, it’s time to grow up.

Yes, you lot!

You know the line, you absolutely know it.

The line between chatting up, banter, wisecrack, flirting…..and being a total fucking creep.

For those of you who are fully aware of “the line” (and don’t bother with “oh that’s so ambiguous, it’s really not)  it’s your duty to do something, to intervene, drop the faux loyalty, the comradery and step in, pull up and have a fucking word.

It’s not funny, it’s shite, it looks shite, it makes your group look shite.

I was in Cyprus last year and at our hotel was a bunch of loud, excitable late teen lads. Seemed like it was *that first holiday* away from Mama and Dada, now this is a learning curve, the heat, the drink the drugs, the abundant testosterone, but it also about learning control, understanding your place amongst your collective, your peers, your perceived “alpha” mates.

I’m quite a savvy chap, I have an uncanny sense of identifying conflict, some of the lads played it out amongst themselves, like peacocks, which is cool, I’m all for archetypes in the postmodernist world but there was this one (in this case the “perceived” Alpha, the biggest, the loudest, the gobshite) who was completely oblivious to the fact “the line” even existed!

There was a young Swedish girl carving out her summer livelihood teaching the kids snorkelling and for a small fee, she would also teach adults too, so alpha bloke approached her. I was by the poolside with my little fella at this point going insane at his unwillingness to at least try and learn to swim but couldn’t help want to observe the interaction that played out before me.

At first, he asked about prices, lessons etc…to catch her attention, to engage her, job done.
Then he starts the flirt, she went along but in the sense, she didn’t want to piss off a hotel customer, he knew this, he cynically used this space and this is when I started to slowly make my way closer to them, I had a feeling this wasn’t going to be a good day for her.

Within a few minutes, he was literally asking her to go back to his room…for a fee! This was the point I felt a little red mist descend, then I remembered 10 of his mates were watching this play out, a couple laughing, a couple smiling, a couple pretending to be indifferent and the rest clearly uncomfortable but shit scared to say anything, to take the challenge to the alpha. To do the right thing.

Just a few feet from me, another middle-aged man had, like me, watch this unfold. He was Norwegian (we spoke afterwards) then came the “shit I need to act here” moment. Alpha was now at the point of pulling at her, in her space, in her face making the same reprehensible demands but now with elevated aggression.

This was a young girl, alone on an island, no family, some friends and afraid. Not only afraid of her aggressor, afraid to “cause a scene”, afraid there would be a complaint about her, afraid for her job, being humiliated in front of families and staff.

She was completely vulnerable, in an awful position, crafted and executed exactly as alpha had planned. This was now past me thinking “can she pull out of this? Can she defend herself from this prick? The answer was clearly no – it had gone beyond that.


At the same time, me and Norwegian bloke jumped out of the pool, walked up to him, tapped him on the shoulder with a very clear “fuck off, now”.

He looked startled at first, then the damaged-ego-rebuttal from him….” or what”?

Me – “I’m here with my family mate but you and I will go for a short walk if you don’t  apologise right now”.  (admittedly, I knew 6ft 5″ Norway was behind me)

After about 10 seconds of his “weighing” me up he walks off and says to his mates “she’s a dog anyway”…. fucking prick!

Then Norway walks over to him, headlocks him, trudges him back towards her and says, ” apologise again”….he gurgled something out of his choke hold then Norway let him go.

We both apologise to her for our sex’s fucking outrageous behaviour, why? because for far too long we’ve been complicit in this shite. In the pub, in the club, on the beach, at work, on the high street. What if this was a drunk 18-year-old girl alone on her first holiday with no one around? Having two grown up girls it makes me sick to the stomach.

I actually felt shite about it, that this is so commonplace, so frequent and we try to obfuscate and deny it to ourselves but we know it goes on, we know we’ve all got *that mate*

My wife asked “what was that all about”, I felt embarrassed to have to tell her.

Being the conscience of a group is difficult, I get it, it’s easy to go with the herd mentality, easy to stay quiet but for fuck’s sake guys, this makes you guilty, it made that whole crowd guilty. It makes me fucking embarrassed to share this world with twats like that. This group of boys, yes boys, were eventually thrown out of our hotel but the day before they were ejected I briefly chatted to two of them at the bar, they gave me that sheepish nod at first, because they knew.

We all know, we’ve always known.

So chaps, a request, no I mean a demand…..time to “out” the fucking creeps, pull them up, watch the play unfold but the minute you sense she is uncomfortable, STEP IN for fucks sake. If it’s the alpha and you’re worried for your own well being, seek consensus with your mates, then act as a collective, even if you have to make light of it, get the fucker away from her. Keep doing this and you just might make yourselves a little more approachable.

You just might make that woman you like believe it’s safe to come and talk to you, on her terms.

Change can only happen from within,  the opposite sex can define how we should behave around them and they absolutely should, but it’s also our job to police each other, it shouldn’t need demystifying, it should be blindingly fucking obvious.

Do this, we’ll make progress, then just maybe it will make conversation and the laws of attraction a little easier to understand if we can at least start with a little respect.

2016-07-04 19.15.53


Paul Braterman – The Scientific method

Science does not have a separate special method for learning about the world, the “scientific method” as taught in schools is a damaging illusion, and the falsifiability criterion has itself been falsified Below, R: How not to; “The Scientific Method”, as inflicted on Science Fair participants. Click to enlarge Consider this, from a justly esteemed […]

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Unelected Church appointees on Council Committees; argument and counter-argument

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nov24_0The story so far: Spencer Fildes and I defended our petition to the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee on November 24. The Committee (transcript here; see “New Petitions) listened most attentively, questioned us closely but not unsympathetically,  and agreed to write to a number of organisations  for their views. You will find full details, including petition text and links to the submissions received, at the Petition website. Now read on:

There may still be time for individuals and organisations to submit their own views, but the window is rapidly closing. We would suggest that any submissions  at this stage should be short and concentrate on the central issues, and that individual submissions mention any relevant personal details (e.g. parent, teacher, own schooling, professional qualifications and degrees). What follows is my own response, on behalf of  Scottish Secular Society. If you find some of this material (especially the analysis…

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I read the following comment today on Facebook “maybe he should get a bodyguard for a while” – in a group called “British Muslim’s for Secular Democracy”  The post is meant as a joke, however, as its Louis Smith we’re talking about and the religion in question is Islam, it’s no laughing matter.

Louis Smith, in a private space, mocked a religion, the religion of peace and for that he has been publicly shamed, vilified and now punished by his peers, add to this the very real horror of death threats – when we talk of death threats from Islam, most Muslim bloggers and reformers will testify, the threat is real .  This acknowledgment of validity is the where the true horror lies. It causes the writer to pause before typing, the speaker to think before talking, the blogger to stop blogging, the joker to….well, you get me.

It’s utterly heart-breaking, this slow train into the ocean.  We take the bottle off the drunk, the needle off the addict, give medicine to the ill, why on earth are we authorising Islam to write a suicide note for secularism? This is blasphemy through the back door. Slowly, but surely, piece by piece, secularism has been losing space and now that sacred universal right of freedom of speech, to Islam.


Regression of the left

We’ve been passengers to permissiveness; we’ve allowed the regressive termites to feast on our secular foundations. Structural cracks are appearing and sooner or later, the infestation will, inevitably, topple the building. The occupants are inert, caught in speech paralysis, forever fearful of the watchful eye of the regressive left and bedfellow Islamists.

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) were quick off the mark with the Islamophobia card, with MCB Deputy Secretary General Dr Omer El-Hamdoon stating “This behaviour by leading and decorated sportspeople is sadly a confirmation of how Islamophobia has become acceptable”.  As we know, Islamophobia is the primary pejorative for the victimhood of Islam, an immediate and unfortunately now effective tool in destroying personality, character, credentials and career of anyone in the public space who dares speak ill of the religion of peace. Islamophobia is now a word, of mass destruction, casually overplayed with the intention of maximizing damage with willful, malicious intent by almost every Islamic commentator when their feelings are a little hurt by a joke, a comment or even a cartoon.

The saddest thing in this whole affair is that Islam has not just “won” another small victory in its eternal quest for the populace to bend the knee, Smith has been convinced he actually did something wrong, his peers believe he did something wrong, the media believe he did something wrong.

He did nothing wrong.

He will repent, he has to, and Islam demands it. Smith will now forever be wary for his personal safety, he’ll have to watch his back at all times, because the country he so successfully represented at the highest level, has sadly turned its back on him when he needs it most.

Islam 1
Free Speech 0

Islam takes silver off the horse

Evolution, Creationism, and Christianity; what teachers need to know

For teachers

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I have assembled a team to help prepare materials about evolution for the use of non-biologists, and we would welcome comments and suggestions. The topic arises in Religious Education in particular, hence the title of this post. Most of the material here is borrowed from an article by the Reverend Michael Roberts, retired Anglican Vicar, field geologist, School Governor, historian of ideas, and part of the team. But first, some background.

Recent developments increase the importance of what Michael has to say. The Society for Biology made two recommendations in its recent evidence to the Scottish Parliament. One, now incorporated into the stated Governmental position, was that creationism not be taught in a science class since it is not a scientific theory. The other was expressed as follows:

We recognise that questions regarding creationism and intelligent design may arise in the classroom, for example as a result of individual…

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Keeping creationism out of Scottish schools; the long, long paper trail

My colleague at the Scottish Secular Society, a record of his tireless work.

And our success!

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Scottish Parliament: Return to homepageThe petition is closed. It has done its work, and I’m impressed by the process. Creationism may not be taught in science classes; and we already have the Minister’s  statement in Parliament that in other classes, where appropriate, it should be discussed but not promoted. It has been a long and tortuous process, so I have collected here links to the key documents, and to the more than 60 press reports I know of.

NoblePamphletAttention will now inevitably shift to Religious, Moral, and Philosophical Studies, where Creationism is (and should be) one of the topics selected for in-depth study.  The evidence in favour of evolution is conclusive, yet Creationists deny this, and RMPS laudably shies away from telling students what to think. How do we cut this Gordian knot? And how best do we help RMPS teachers without any formal instruction in biology, when they face the specious pseudoscience of…

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Creationist Manoeuvres in the Dark

David Andrew Robertson writes in the Scotsman (Letters 21-11-14) titled “False Accusations”

As I usually stay out of his nonsense but as on this occassion it’s about the petition, I feel compelled to respond.

To quote Robertson..

“Ken Cunningham, general secretary of School Leaders Scotland, writing to the Scottish Parliament in response to the SSS petition, has also accused the society of using “inflammatory rhetoric”.They are indeed using this issue as a Trojan Horse to try to exclude Christianity from public education. “

The internet used to be known as the “information superhighway” and largely, I believe it still is. It allows you to quickly connect many dots one would may otherwise overlook, particularly if you’re a member of the Public Petitions Committee (PPC)

It is with some glee David Robertson presents his latest press release to the world, however, on this particular occasion, the SSS were ready for it (now that they arrive at one every week) we already anticipated the content along with its inevitable main reference point – Ken Cunningham’s rather curiously forthright submission to the PPC, presented to the commission in his capacity as head of “School Leaders Scotland” (I have to admit I was slightly taken aback at the speed of his reply to the PPC, one would have thought such extensive consultation with such a large and important body would take much more time and effort)

The SSS knew this would be another weapon for David Robertson to add to his armoury in his relentess assaults attempting to debunk, distort and misrepresent the core aims of the Scottish Secular Society, to remove unwarranted religious privilege from the public place, in particular, within the Scottish education system.

Let’s examine a few of the issue that arise with the SLS submission…

It would seem, according to Ken Cunningham there is no problem. What surprises me is the manner in which he responds, it’s hardly the language of a professional representing the views of an impartial body!

• “inflammatory rhetoric frequently used by the petitioners” – so here Ken infers he is familiar with our previous work. Good.

“Inflammatory” definition is “(especially of speech or writing) arousing or intended to arouse angry or violent feelings” – so we have aroused angry or violent feelings in you Ken have we? Now why ever would you feel like that about our petition in your impartial position as head of the SLS?

• “Frequently schools are also encouraged to break down subject boundaries by reflecting where different disciplines interact – NO they are not Ken, are you implying that the boundary between science and religion should be broken down? If you are then please remove yourself from any official capacity within the Scottish education system as this is exactly why we have had to raise our petition. To use your own words “there would be a dangerous precedent” if this were to be implemented.

“There are fairly detailed curricular guidelines applying to both the science and RME domains – No Ken actually there aren’t and you know it, this is why we have petitioned the government to issue such guidelines.

This would be a dangerous precedent. To link it to the situation in Birmingham as someone has suggested is a little disingenuous” – Ken the difference here is Christianity, unlike Islam, doesn’t need a Trojan horse, its already operating within the Scottish education system and indeed, owns the stables and enjoys unlimited access to graze on as much land as it likes. Heck they even have 3/5 unelected representatives on every single council in Troy!

Coincidentally, Ken Cunningham is Secretary and elder at Cartsbridge Evangelical Church, a church where, coincidentally, Mr Robertson presented a recent sermon where he made references to the congregation about the Scottish Secular Society and our activities, along with his own personal interpretation, why we as an organisation exist. Dave wasn’t too flattering about us I may add.

Notable that these comments were also made at the same time our petition was awaiting presentation to the PPC.

Cartsbridge church secretary and head of the School Leaders Scotland, Ken Cunningham coincidentally also sits on the SQA, as well as the “SCHOLAR advisory board amongst many other educational groups. He is an influencial and prominent figurehead across the education spectrum in Scotland.

We admire the fact that Mr Cunningham possess a remarkable ability to decouple his love of god from the day job  – somehwat contradicting his quote in the “Times Education Supplement” that stated.. “His faith is fundamental to who he is and how he behaves….I have never known otherwise and never wanted otherwise.”

This must be particularly difficult given that, the one and only, Alistair Noble, yes indeed – the Same Alistair Noble from the “Centre for Intelligent Design” , leader of the very group the Scottish Secular Society are most concerned about, particularly regarding the development and presentation of creationist material attempting to masquerade as science – this gentleman now has conducted no less than 15 sermons in Ken Cunningham’s church in recent months.

Yes you read that right, 15 sermons in Ken Cunningham’s church.

Noble is also a former colleague of Ken Cunningham at the SLS, holding down an SLS role as “Field Officer”

Worryingly, at the start of one of Noble’s sermons, he encourages his congregation to listen to the creationist muttering of Stephen Meyer, Meyer is with the Discovery Institute, of which C4ID is a close affiliate, Meyer is also lead author of the mendaciously named “Explore Evolution”, which the equally mendaciously titled “Truth in Science” (a Young earth creationist organisation) was sent to every school library in Scotland a few years ago.

Coincidentally (sorry I seem to be using this word a lot) two petitions from the Scottish Secular Society seeking to advance fairness and equality in Scottish Education may have now reached the eyes of senior educationalist Ken Cunningham and both have subsequentially, been refuted. All of this within his official capacities of course through consultation requested by the PPC and Education and Culture Committee.

So back to the subject of Trojan horses and David Robertson. He is  audacious enough to accuse the SSS of attempting to plant Trojan horses. This is gobsmacking hypocrisy, given the alleged murky and sinister interconnectivity of certain individuals who share components and missionary onjectives of his faith.

It is not the SSS who may hold friends in high places, especially those Mr Robertson so eagerly couldn’t wait to quote. Why doesn’t he actually read the petition and see what our “true intentions” really are? Secularists, unlike some other groups, don’t seem to have many political or influential friends across Scotland’s national institutions.

Scottish secularists, like many other campaign groups, merely seek to highlight the glaring inequalities and privilege religious groups are afforded in this country, What’s worse such religious privilge is also protected by antiquated legislation that does not reflect nor properly serve a diverse and modernising Scotland. Such legislation as acted by Falkirk council to ensure Catholic children can attend any school they so wish, unlike children of other faiths and those with none.

I also look forward to the day our government break up the 100% monopoly that Christianity enjoys with Religious observance in Scottish Non-Denominational schools. Is it not time to invite other faiths into assembly such as the Buddhists, Pagans, Sikhs and Muslims? Or Humanists, more suitable for those with no faith?

The SSS are not “militant” nor are we “aggressive”. Many of our members (including myself) have suffered from religious zealotry for far too long we make no apologies if we are perceived as an irritant or obstacle to others. Unfortunately everytime we challenge religious privilege in Scotland its like navigating through a dark room full of strangers but you’re the only ones who actually can’t see, you also can’t see them smirking at each other as you fumble your way around..

Finally, as for Mr Cunningham’s submission and his undisclosed association with Noble, I sincerely hope the PPC bear in mind this simple fact – referees in Scottish league football are not allowed to referee games where they may support one of the teams on the field of play. It removes the suspicion that they may seek to influence the outcome through their own bias.

Parody, oh sweet parody.

To focus your energy mimicking the very factions you seek to challenge makes a mockery of what you are.

If you’re in it for ego, personality politic or career then kindly remove yourself from the from the front line. You’re causing more damage to progress than you could ever see.

Your C.V. means nothing to me.

Or am I missing something here?

It’s one battle, many armies, some local, national and international. Not for any indivdual but an ideaology or a cause. Once you bring yourself into it you’ve lost, you’re out. If you can’t see it then shame on you, you’ve become an obstacle, singular, a personality…no one is bigger than the club.

Secularism is not Humanism, Humanism is not Secularism. Atheism is not Secularism, Secularism is not Atheism. Skepticism is not Humanism and Humanism is not Skepticism. Atheism is not Skepticism and Skepticism is not Atheism…..blah blah blah?

You already know this though so why blur the lines?


We may well be, however, on different boats but we’re all sailing on the same sea.

The sea is vast, filled with undiscovered treasures for our yearning minds –  but we’re oblivious to it’s distance and to it’s depth. We watch our newborns crawl in it, our toddlers paddle in it and when they touch adulthood, they learn to swim in it.

We do, however, have a problem.

There are those who would snare our children in a net of contradiction, entangle them with misinformation and drown them in distortion.

The flotillas of Creationism and Intelligent design have set sail Scottish waters, we secularists must not only ensure their dangerous nets are never cast, we must make sure their boats never set sail in the first place.

So we petition our government to do so…

Sign the Scottish Secular Society’s petition – keep creationism out of the Science class.